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Work got you down today? Nina Simone remix

This might help get you through Friday.

Who knew this guy could transform into a magic dancer???

Avicci remixes

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A day of magic

The magical day began with a quiet morning after spending the night with Aunt Joreen. She had slept so late I was getting concerned, but the phone rang and she answered it. So she hadn’t died in he sleep. A relief to me, not necessarily to her. She is 90 years old, has lost a great deal of her eye site and her independence and is ready to “go home.” I hugged her goodbye wondering if I will ever see her physically alive again. Sad and yet understanding her desires and exhaustion with her struggles in this life.

I set the GPS for home and got on the road for the three hour journey home. Wazy took me an unfamiliar route. In a bit, I turned into a Starbucks. Crowded with all the tables taken. One woman, however, was alone at her 4-top. I ash permission to sit and eat my oatmeal. She waved me into a seat and we began a conversation. I heard myself asking her if she would pray with me. “Because you are a woman of color and I am white; because of the accusatory process of the current Supreme Court nomination; because of the connection and unhealed wounds from the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas situation; because of the Me-too movement; because there are and will be men being accused wrongly which is painfully detrimental to their reputation and well being; Would she pray with me? Pray for the women and and the men, asking that truth, compassion and Godliness surround all concerned.” Or some words similar!

So agreed.  We stood and then sat in a Starbucks in Indianapolis, held hands.  We each said our prayers out loud, safely.

I then drove onto to New Albany, Indiana where I was to meet up with a friend to view the Penny Sisto are exhibit at the Episcopal Church. Pat and I pulled into the parking lot at the same time. We walked to the door to find it locked but a woman responded to the doorbell. “We close at one,” she said, “but I stayed late today to finish up some tasks, so come on in.” A blessing since the display is quite a drive from our home.

Fabulous fabric art work. Fabulous.

We got a tour of the architectural splendor of the church also.

After coffee and a delightful croissant we drove I-64 east to home where we were treated to a sky decorated with a full rainbow. Full!  Both sides planted around Waddy-Peytona.

I arrived home only to find my micro-green tray suffering my absence. Determined to not let their collapse event ruin my day, I watered and…and hoped, and prayed and… by nightfall he beautiful tray of micro-greens recovered.

A day of magic.

I send one to each of you.

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Okay.  I’ve missed a week of dance posts.  Making up for it now with Tina.


How can I post dance and not do Tina?

Those legs!

And, seriously, she dances in high heels.
It’s a 10 minute video!

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One summer there were five weddings in the family. I danced to this song many times.


If there was a problem……I’ll solve it!!!!

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Saturday – Is the song running through your head already?

What does Saturday mean to you? Chores? Sleeping in? Date night? Whatever your plans I hope you dance your way into them.

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JUST DANCE I’ve got this feelin in my body

Of course it’s Justin. Love this video. I’ve always wanted to dance with one of those dancing fan figures. I can hear my children saying, MOM!” (IS that a dress with carrots????)

Which dancer do you like best? I like the guy in the green shirt and the waitress has pure joy on her face. Well, and Bernie and the Barber shop….. no favorites.

Whatcha going to do with that sunshine in your pocket??? Put that sunshine all over your day.

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How dey do that?

What I like is the blending of the old and new.    Some one knows their musicals!

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The Electric Slide or The Dance Collision

I’ve never been great at following orders or reading the directions first. I’t venture to say it’s the sign of self-sabotage or, maybe, it’s outside the box thinking!
And because the whole left/right thing confounds me (slight dyslexia) I’ve been disruptive during the Electric Slide. I take my place on the sidelines and move in my own way.

FYI on Utube there are many instruction videos.  Who knew???

Have a lighthearted, happy day.


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Sept 4

To step away from the disco for a minute…What are you In the Mood for?  Going to be another hot humid say in KY.  I’m planning to finish the screen repair on my back porch, hang the laundry, pull a few weeds.

My friend Bobbi used to do her house work to the 40’s big Band music.

Notice also the women in high heels and must move backwards most of the time.  Just sayin”.

And the dances required a couple to work as a team with coordination and lots of practice.

Hoping you dance your way through your day today.


Dance 3

Sometimes one doesn’t need words. Sometimes the magic of the moment and how quickly the scene can change.